Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thanks to all that Attended Our Flower Festival!!

Thanks to everyone that attended, the Flower Festival was a huge sucess. Lots of people braved the heat and came out picking. Hopefully everyone's flowers made it home with out being too heat exhausted. Theses are the two people's choice dahlias. The winners of the draw are Allison Casey and Sharon Peters. Each of them won $20 in dahlia cuts.

Still lots of flowers to pick this week. The Delphiniums are coming back into bloom and we should be able to enjoy these majestic stems for about 4 more weeks. Lots of sunflowers and dahlias, as well as Zinnias. The Zinnias are just coming into full bloom. You have to see the range of colors. Endless possibilies with these beauties.

Hope to see you picking soon!

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