Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow Bouquet!!

What a great color combination. This is a new one!! Red, Yellow and Blue. The Red is a deep wine from Yarrow called Brandywine and Zinnias. The yellow is Zinnias and Goldenrod. The blue is Delphinium and Status. I am really impressed with how the Zinnias are holding up into September. There are lots of new blossoms still coming on. You just can't beat the color intensity and longevity of the Zinnias. Come out and pick some for yourself or pick up one of my Garden Bouquets.

Hope to see you soon!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blue, Pink and Yellow Bouquet

This is one of my all time favourite color combinations. The Dahlia used is Ken's Rarity, one of the people's choice winners, as well as delphinium, alstromeria, and pink and blue status.

Lots of flowers available. The Glads are just starting. These are available in the cooler picked daily. My two new sunflowers, Prada Red and Aurora, are looking wonderful. This is a great time for picking sunflowers. Hope to see you soon!! Don't forget your pail.

For those of you that are wanting your own picking pail, I have some available for purchase.

Come out and enjoy this wonderful weather.