Thursday, July 7, 2011

Farewell Peonies Hello Lilies!!

Firstly, wishing farewell to another Peony season. There are just a few bouquets left so if you did not get one, please do not delay. The Peonies were even on a Photoshot. What a lovely picture to remember them. The very talented Photographer is Leanne Campbell .
The next Feature Flower in the Garden are Asiatic and Hybrid Lilies. Sometimes Lilies get a bad rap, mostly regarding scent. All the Asiatic and Hybrids are UNSCENTED. Colors currently available are the Sunset Orange "First Crown", Dark Burgandy "Black out and Yellow Stamen Free "Fata Morgana. Lily flowers last best if the stamens are removed just when the flower opens.

Other flowers coming on line this week: Daisies, double and single varieties, Liatris, purple and white, and spirea.


lc said...

Ah, the end of another peony season. So fleeting. I'm so thankful for your peony garden, thank you Judy! Many blessings to you, and I'll be in touch. The photo of your peonies look great, thanks for posting it and including a link to my site. Thank you!

Christina said...

Thank you Judy for providing me with beautiful flowers last weekend for my mother in law's retirement party. It was a treat to come and pick the beautiful flowers by hand, rather than have to order them! It was also amazing how much longer the flowers lasted being picked fresh from a garden. Looking forward to the next time I can stop by. Thanks again,
Christina Jenion