Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gladioli are ready for picking!

Glads are such a wonderful cut flowers. Lots of bang for your buck!
Here are the colors we are currently picking.

This is another of my favourite color combinations, white and blue. Blue is such a challenging color in the garden. The Delphiniums are just coming into bloom again as well as some late planted white hybrid lilies called "Eye liner". Also featured in this bouquet are Dahlias, Lysimachia, Status and Scabiosa. The garden is finally just brimming with flowers.

If you are looking for a stunning color combination then red, yellow and orange are the way to go. Cuts used in this Custom order vase where Dahlias, Calla Lilies, Hypericum, Frosted Explosion grass, Zebra Grass, crocosmium and golden rod. Wow!!

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