Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More sunflowers and much more!

We have lots of sunflowers now thanks to the beautiful weekend weather. This is a wonderful double yellow called "Panache".

Here is Panache done with golden rod and Lysimachia. This is currently my favorite color combination, Yellow and White. So cheerful!!

Or maybe a combination of sunflowers with crocosmia, golden rod and alstromeria. This is the vase I have done this week for the store.

What else is blooming you ask? Lots! There are a limited selection of the following this week:

Sweet Peas

Please call ahead if you are coming for these flowers to make sure they are available.


amberdixie17 said...

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Lester King said...

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amberdixie17 said...

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ericsteeves1980gmail said...

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