Friday, February 10, 2012

We are Open Again!

We are again open for Business! A few changes for a new year.

We are no longer carrying Watkins Products in our Store. We will gladly refer you to a local dealer if you are interested.

Our Honey supply looks good for this coming year and we have done a lot of packaging so lots of sizes available.

Things are moving right along on the flower front. We planted more than 200 new Peony plants last weekend and my first batch of annuals is growing nicely in our propagation house. Our cat Queenie loves the heat in there and she is usually found up on her perch close to the heater. My new planting of winter callas is also looking good and is just starting to spike. My fingers are crossed that I will finally get some flower from them this year.

Hope to see you soon!

1 comment:

Lysa said...

You have honey too! Awesome, I can't wait to visit!