Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ah!! the sun is shining.

It felt like I was in Ireland this morning. Misty rain coming down and low clouds.  But alas the sun is peeking through the clouds and tomorrow will be a better day.  Farming is definitely not for the easily discouraged.  The garden is slowly progressing.  So what's next?  Lots.  Especially after a few sunny days.  The Foxgloves are perfect for picking as well as daisies, Astilbe, and Yarrow.  The later blooming delphiniums are also  ready for picking.  The dahlia planted in the hoop houses are covered in buds and I actually was able to do my first Dahlia bouquet today.   Unfortunately my Asiatic lily crop has been a complete failure so there will be none of these.  There are so many things in bud right know that the garden will be bursting with color very shortly.  

What a beautiful creation this is.  All different shades of pink using Foxglove, roses, Astilbe, yarrow and alstroemeria.   My rose garden is very new so limited stems this year.  It just makes each rose that much more special.  

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