Thursday, August 9, 2012

The garden is almost at full Bloom.

A few more flowers making the picking list this week.  Snapdragons both Red and White available for picking or pre-picked bunches.  Blue and Purple hydrangeas are also starting to be picked.  These are available pre-picked only.

Here is one of our Designer's Choice bouquets for you to place in your own vases.  This is a great economical way to fill your own vases for a special event.  These need to be pre-ordered.

 Look at the color of this one.  A new Dahlias called Jammin Jelly.  Grape Jelly in a vase.
 Finally the next batch of sunflowers is starting to bloom.  This one is called Solar Power.  Love it!
The garden dahlias are doing well and we had a good pick this morning.  We will now be taking picking appointment for the garden.  If you are interest, please give me a call.

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