Friday, October 19, 2012

Winter clean up and planting

Now that the Flower season is done, we move onto all the fall planting and cleaning up.  Last week we were busy planting some new Peonies.  275 more plants were added to the Peony Patch.  I just got them in before the heavy rains started.  They should be super happy in their new homes.   We will have to wait until their second year to enjoy some flowers, but they will be spectacular. 

It is truly amazing that these roots become such beautiful plants. 

Here are the new varieties added this year, Coral Charm, Coral Sunset, Duchesse De Nemours, Feliz Crousse, and Red Charm.  I am now up to 12 Varieties in the Peony Patch.  

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Chuck Chipner said...

Those are such pretty flowers. I am wanting to buy some flowers in Hamilton for my wife, but I have no idea how to pick them out. Do you have any tips for me?