Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What's happening on the Flower Farm.

What do we do before Flower season starts?  Plant, plant and more planting.  Most of the Annuals have been started in the propagation house and some are just about ready to be planted out.  My two greenhouses are started to get filled up with plants such as sunflowers, Bells of Ireland, Statice and Dahlias. This year I dedicated a big section of one greenhouse to Dahlias.  Oh the Treasures that I have put in the soil to grow.   If you are interested in what dahlias will be grown this year, check out  my Dahlia boards on Pinterest.  

Here are some of the newest Lilies to the planted.  Two new Double Asiatics that will bloom in July and four new Oriental Lilies that bloom in august.  I can hardly wait.

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