Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's Official! Flower Season has begun.

Yes its true.  I have started offering bouquet and bunches in the flower shop.  This is a very exciting beginning to the flower season.  I am picking from my whole Peony field for the first time.  Every variety is in production.  Yeah.  The season starts off with Red and Coral and a bit of hot pink.  White, red and more pink for June.  We have 14 different peony varieties.
Red Charm.  Just amazing.  We have a good supply of this one.
 This is Coral Sunset just perfect for picking.  Coral Sunset and Coral Charm are limited this year.
 My first "just for me" design for the store. Delphiniums are just starting as well.  These were the first stems to pick.
 The first custom order Bouquet for 2014.  This is the bright pink.  Not sure of the name of this one.
Off I go to play with some more Peonies.  

Please note the "New"  Flower shop hours.

Monday and Tuesday:  by Appointment or Chance. (if gate is open come on in)
Wednesday to Saturday:  10 am to 5 pm (or later)  
Sunday:  Pre-order pick ups only. 

Thanks, Judy

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