Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Flower Farm Update.

Spring is finally here!  Things are super busy here on the flower farm.   Lots of new perennials going in.  Select roses opened last weekend and I came home with a truck full of new roses.  I can now officially call one of our greenhouses a Rose house because it is fully planted with just roses.  I am so looking forward to seeing them blooming this year.

I am also about half way through the annuals seeding frenzy.  Needless to say there are lots of baby plants that are needing constant attention.

Here is what's up for seeding this week. Strawflowers, Scabiosa (annual) and Globe Amaranth.  These seeds are planted into soil blocks and put under grow lights until they are big enough the handle the weather outside.

This is the only flower on the farm right now!  One crate of anemones that was left over from last spring's planting.  I put it in one of the greenhouses last fall and forgot about it.  It survived and is celebrating spring.  This one will end up on my window sill this week.

 Aren't these so cute!!  Baby snapdragons.
 Digitalis (foxglove).  Usually I plant these in the fall, but decided to also try a spring planting to get a second crop.  These are just about ready to be hardened off and planted outside.
 And of course, everyones favourite, Peonies.  Just starting to show some growth.   Looking forward to seeing these blooms mid to late May.

Just a reminder that we hope to be re-opening the Flower shop in Mid to late May.  

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